When was PBS established

PBS stands for Public Broadcasting Service and it was established on the 5th of October, 1970. It was actually established to relieve the previously created National Educational Television or NET of most of its responsibilities. PBS has two headquarters, one in Burbank and the other in Arlington and since it is a public service and a non-profit one at that, it is sponsored mainly by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The 356 member stations create and present PBS programs like “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer” and “Frontline” on television. PBS lacks a central department to create and showcase its own shows; therefore it is dependent on its member channels to undertake the whole responsibility of creating a show, except the basic concept. This lack of ownership is what makes PBS different from other non-profit, public services. Even the National Public Radio, which is similar to the PBS in being a non-profit service dedicated to the public, usually develops and airs most of its own shows. Apart from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, it is further supported by local governments and state organizations to cover its operational and maintenance costs. The general public has often been very liberal while donating to the PBS and to thank them, PBS always mentions that this program was possible thanks to “viewers like you”.

PBS is free from the advertisement of sponsors because it is a non-profit service and the freedom also allows it to schedule its programs with greater ease than commercial channels that have to accommodate slots for advertisements from their sponsors. In fact, the member TV stations of the PBS, pay money to get the opportunity of broadcasting the PBS show on their station. Although most of the shows are scheduled differently in different states within the US, the “Prime Time Shows” are always aired at the same time in all of US. The PBS was officially merged with the Educational Television Stations in 1973 and today, WGBH and WNET are responsible for most of the educational and news shows that are aired on the Public Broadcasting Service respectively. It is to be noted that although third parties may create these shows, the broadcasting rights are reserved only for the PBS.