When is the Superbowl

In the United States of America, the Super Bowl is synonymous with the highest stage where one can play American Football at. Each year, at the end of the league games in National Football League (NFL), the Championship Games are held and Super Bowl is what it is known as. The first Super Bowl was played on the 15th of January in the year 1967 and it was called “Super Bowl I. From that year onwards, Super Bowls have always been marked with Roman numbers; this year, the Super Bowl XLV was completed on 6th February.

Super Bowl originated at a time when there were two leagues instead of the one league that we know as the National Football league today. The two leagues were the NFL and the AFL (American Football League). The merging of the two leagues did not officially occur until 1970 and before that time, the Super Bowls were held between the champions of the AFL and the champions of NFL to determine the winner. After the merging of the two was completed, the two leagues were each renamed as a “Conference”.

Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year in USA and it has broken records as the television broadcast with the most number of viewers, many a times. The day of the Super Bowl is such a huge event that it is designated by “Super Bowl Sunday” as the entire day becomes a festival of its own with people all over America as well as outside America getting ready with food and drinks to watch the game. It has been also found that the food industry does more business on that one day than any other single day in the whole year, except Thanksgiving.

There have been forty four Super Bowls so far and each one of them has been hosted by a stadium that hosts a NFL franchise because that is the rule. Usually, in order for a Super Bowl game to be played in a stadium, it is expected that the temperature will be 50° F or more and if that is not the case, then the stadium should have retractable roofs to shield itself from the weather. An exception to the “cold rule” was observed when in 2006, Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium was awarded the Super Bowl XLIX of 2015 with the hopes that the stadium would by then be prepared with adequate equipments to deal with the cold temperatures.