When is the PS4 coming out

The Sony PlayStation 3 came out back in 2006, but it still has enough in it to be the leading next generation console gaming system right now and its best days are still not over. However, that does not mean that Sony is not working on the next PlayStation right now. But, before the discussion is continued further, one must understand that there is no official confirmation on the PS4, let alone a release date. Whatever is discussed on the gaming community forums or anywhere else, are mostly rumors and if there is any truth to them, it is not possible at this point to confirm.

The unofficial date on which the PlayStation 4 is rumored to come out is Q4, 2012. The rumor is based not entirely on guess work but a bit of statistics as well to back up the theory. It has been Sony’s trend to release its gaming consoles at a gap of six years, for example, the Sony PlayStation Original came out in 1994 and six years later, the PlayStation 2 debuted in 2000. Similarly, in 2006, the PS3 came out, at a gap of six years again. Based on this six years rule followed by Sony so far, it is believed that a gaming console with monstrous power will hit the market in the last quarter of 2012. The rumors about the upcoming PS4 received a fresh feed when Crytek announced at the Game Developer’s Conference in Germany, that they plan to release the CryEngine 3 in 2012. However, it is also rumored that Sony has plans to keep the PlayStation 3 as its main gaming console in the market for at least ten years. If that is true then there is no chance of seeing the likes of the PS4 anytime before 2016.

As far as the design element is concerned, the rumors are so many that it is impossible to determine which one might be the closest to the possible real design. The most common design that is popular is the curved crescent moon shaped controllers along with the circular or oval console. Whatever the truth may be, it can be safely said that the PS4 is still a fair deal away from the date of its release and thus it is best to concentrate on the fantastic console that is available right now, which is the PS3.