When is Mothers day

Although the exact date may differ from country to country, Mother’s Day is celebrated in almost all the modern nations of the world. The “Mother’s Day” came to exist under the Presidency of President Woodrow Wilson. In the United States of America, Mother’s Day is celebrated each year on the second Sunday that comes in the month of May. This was officially decided after President Wilson signed the joint declaration on the 8th of May, in 1914. Although it is not official, but it is believed that Mother’s Day originated in the US first and from there on, it has spread to the other countries. There is no official record of a day being acknowledged as being dedicated to mothers around the world prior to the US declaration.

Our mothers nurture us from an infant to a mature and self-sufficient human being with love, care and discipline and this is a fact which is universal in nature. The term “mother” cannot be restricted by mere geographic or political boundaries because mothers around the world are not that much different in what they do and what they represent. It is due to this reason that although the degree and method of celebrating Mother’s Day might be different in other countries, but the idea is the same. The idea is for each son or daughter to make his/her mother feel special for doing all that she did for him/her.

Apart from the USA, in Canada, Australia; Germany, Greece; Denmark, Brazil; Belgium, Finland, Japan, India and many other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the Second Sunday that comes in May. However, there are other countries that celebrate Mother’s Day on different dates. For example, in Mexico and Albania, March 8th is the date, while in France; it can either be on the last Sunday in May or first Sunday in June. Russia celebrates it on 28th November, Indonesia on 22nd December, Thailand on 12th August, Poland on 26th May, Norway on the second Sunday of February, Egypt on 21st March, Lebanon on the first day of spring, Sweden on the last Sunday in May and so on.