When is Fathers day

Father’s Day in the United States of America along with most other countries, is celebrated on the third Sunday that comes in the month of June. The other countries that also celebrate Father’s Day on this date include Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia, Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka and many more. There are other dates also on which certain countries celebrate Father’s Day, for example Brazil and Samoa celebrate it on the second Sunday in August, Dominican Republic on the last Sunday in July, Australia and New Zealand on the first Sunday in September, Luxembourg on the first Sunday in October, Estonia and Sweden in November, Thailand and Bulgaria in December and so on.

Father’s Day was declared officially much later than Mother’s Day and perhaps it was established as an accompaniment for the former. As is suggested by the name, it is a tribute all the fathers in the world because this day is dedicated to the love, guidance and safety that they provide to their children. Father’s Day is also an occasion to remember and pay respects our forefathers who are not with us anymore. Entire families eat, drink and enjoy together on this day while sons and daughters often gift their fathers something to remind them of the love that they feel for him. The peripheries may differ a bit from one country to another but the spirit is the same for Father’s Day celebrations all over the world.

The first ever Father’s Day celebration in the USA was observed on the 5th of July, in 1908. The day was actually based on the Monongah Mining Disaster in West Virginia, where 210 workers lost their lives and all of them were fathers. Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton commemorated the day in remembrance of those miners and thus began the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day. Father’s Day was not a national holiday until the year 1972, but efforts to make it so were made both by Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge in 1916 and 1924 respectively, only to be opposed by the Congress. Father’s Day became a national holiday by law in 1972, as President Richard Nixon finally signed the declaration this time.