When is Arbor day

“An act of optimism and kindness, a labor of love, and a commitment to stewardship” is how the Arbor Day Foundation describes this day. To put it simply, Arbor Day is a day on which trees are being planted all over the US. The tradition started back in 1872, at Nebraska, when the first Arbor Day ever was being observed on 2nd April. The man behind the movement was J. Sterling Morton as he was the one to propose the idea through his newspaper to all local residents.

The date on which Arbor Day is celebrated by planting trees may differ from state to state as it might not be the ideal time to plant trees throughout the country on any one given day. Depending on the climatic conditions of the particular state, the Arbor Day of the state may differ from the National Arbor Day. However, National Arbor Day is observed on the last Friday in the month of April and around twenty eight states follow this date, while thirty four in total celebrate it in April itself, but the day might be different; for example, in Colorado, Arbor Day is celebrated on the third Friday in the month of April, instead of celebrating it on the last Friday. States like Alaska and North Dakota celebrate it in May, while the only state to celebrate Arbor Day in September is Virgin Island. Guam and Hawaii both celebrate planting trees on the first Friday that comes in November. Finally, in December, South Carolina observes the first Friday as the state Arbor Day.

In Brazil, millions of trees are planted on the day of the spring equinox, which is on September 21st. The Chinese plant trees on 12th March, which is also the Death Anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. In England, the process of planting trees does not end with just one day but only begins with the National Tree Week in the month of November. Trees are essential for the survival of all life on earth as they are an inseparable part of our planet, but due to human modernization, the number of trees on the surface of our planet has been reduced drastically. Therefore, not only the United States of America, but countries around the world have dedicated at least a day to planting trees, be it called Arbor Day or not.