When did the Mexican revolution end

The Mexican Revolution in its military aspect had ended officially with the death of Carranza in the year 1920. However, unrest and anarchy was rampant in Mexico for more than a decade after 1920. The Mexican Revolution began with the fall of the dictator Porfirio Diaz and the succession of Madero as the President of Mexico. Madero did not have it easy as Felix Diaz returned quickly and managed to lock away Madero prior to the elections. But Diaz was unsuccessful in locking away Madero for long as he escaped to Texas and from there issued a letter which cited that Madero had won the public elections convincingly and that it was time to bring down Diaz under any circumstances. On the 20th of November, the call for rebellion from Madero began the Mexican Revolution officially.

Madero was popular among the residents of Mexico and it was that support which helped him to overthrow Felix Diaz and form the first modern Democratic Government in Mexico. Madero was a dedicated patriot and he was trying to bring in peace, order and development at the same time to Mexico when he was overthrown by his own commander-in-chief of the army. Madero was dedicated but he lacked the resources necessary and was criticized by many as being opposed to good business when he taxed American Oil Companies. He was made to resign as the President of Mexico in 1913 and both he and the Vice-President were eliminated almost immediately. Huerta, the traitor General was even worse than Diaz and it was due to the intervention of the US that Huerta had to resign on the 8th of July, 1914. The country fell into total anarchy as almost all the military heads in the country now began to fight for supreme power in Mexico. It was the idea of Carranza in 1914, that a convention of the rebellious faction leaders be held to determine the President of Mexico, but he was dissatisfied when Eulalio Gutierrez was chosen at this convention. Carranza became the President in 1917 following the defeat of Pancho Villa earlier, after he accepted the Constitution. After the murder of Carranza in 1920 and also the murder of Villa in 1923, the chief portion of the military warfare was finally over and this was marked as the official end of the Mexican Revolution.