When did Martin Luther King Jr die

Martin Luther King Jr was a key figure in America’s struggle against racial discrimination and was at the same time, one of the most loved as well as one of the most hated men in USA. What was unique about Martin Luther King Jr was the way in which he fought during the Civil Rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr was a minister at the church before he attained degrees from Morehouse, Crozer Theological Seminary and later a Doctorate from Boston University. King became a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People after he decided that he needed to fight for the black population in America. He also became the President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in the year 1957 and from that point onwards, he fought for Civil Rights till the day he was assassinated.

Martin Luther King Jr was shot to death during his visit to Memphis as a supporter of the strike that the black skinned waste disposal workers had called for in protest to being paid lesser than their white skinned peers. King was at the balcony of the hotel room in which he was staying during the visit, when he was shot down by a bullet. The tragedy happened on 4th of April, in 1968 and he was only 39 years old at that time. Many believe that he was able to anticipate that his death would come soon because just the night before his murder, he had said “I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you, but we as a people will get to the promised land.”

Martin Luther King Jr was loved because of his non-violent yet relentless struggle against racial discrimination but was hated as well as feared by many who were in support of the unfair discrimination and saw that he was a powerful figure with the ability to change things. One of the main incidents which further cemented his position as a key figure in the Civil Rights struggle was the famous non-violent bus boycotts of 1955. The boycotts succeeded in making all the bus sits open to black skinned men and women and that too, without bloodshed. Martin Luther king Jr. was a great man who combined his deep knowledge of Christianity with the principles of Mahatma Gandhi to attain peacefully, what others failed to achieve with violence.